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Community Life Training

Community Life Training

Non-Profit Organizations

About Us

Community Life Training (CLT) is a non-profit organization located in Wilson. CLT offers free classes to those in our community to teach skills to all ages and demographics. Our goal at Community Life Training is to help people learn skills that are helpful for a successful and happy life.

In keeping with our goals, we offer free life-skills classes on various topics including basic automotive, budgeting, leadership, resume writing and interviewing, mastering habits, basic home maintenance, and more. We currently offer one class each month, usually held on a Saturday morning, and we are hoping to expand our offerings as we grow.


We are adding more classes in 2024!
Resume Writing and Interviewing
Backyard Gardening (partnering with Seeds of Hope)
Basic Automotive


Leadership Class
Leadership Class
Mastering Habits
Mastering Habits

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