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Working with the Chamber on social media

Working with the Chamber on social media

Working with the Chamber on social media

Tagging the Chamber in your social media posts, or liking/sharing/commenting on Chamber posts that are related to you, lends credibility to your brand and message.  A simple way for you to demonstrate support for the community (and for fellow members) is to give a like or comment on a Chamber post related to another local business.  For example, when we post photos from a recent ribbon cutting, a congratulatory comment from your business not only demonstrates your connection to the Chamber, it also helps inspire another business, and gives your business a promotional boost in the form of a goodwill gesture, which consumers love.

From time to time, the Chamber will like and share messages that align with our mission when they are coordinated in advance with nonprofit community partners.  For example, if an important public meeting is being scheduled by a local government on a topic pertinent to the Wilson business community, you might expect the Chamber to share or otherwise promote that information on our social media feeds. 
To the greatest extent possible, the Chamber will not engage (tag, like, share, or comment) on social media posts made by businesses to avoid endorsements or conflicts of interest, especially when these posts pertain to businesses that are not members of the Chamber.  Why?  Because we take very seriously our commitment to deliver value to ALL of our members, and in an effort to treat each of them fairly, we endeavor to support them and refer them in an equitable fashion (which isn't always possible on social media).

Limited exceptions to this approach apply when a direct operational relationship exists (for example, when a Chamber event like a ribbon cutting is hosted or sponsored by a member business), or in special circumstances such as an anniversary or major business milestone.

The Chamber maintains an active presence on most major social media platforms, including:

Facebook:  @wilsonncchamber
Twitter:  @WilsonChamber
Instagram:  @wilsonncchamber

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