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East Carolina Alpha Dawgs

East Carolina Alpha Dawgs


About Us

The welfare of the children that participate in the East Carolina Alpha Dawg football/cheer program will be our utmost priority. As an organization we commit ourselves to the development of all the children who play Football inside and outside of our area. We commit ourselves to fostering lifelong important attributes such as hard work, self-discipline, family values, fair play, teamwork, sportsmanship, and a commitment to excellence in the children who commit to playing football in the program. Each child will be treated equally, with respect, and no special treatment will be given to any child regardless of who he or she is or where he or she comes from. Our children should be recognized in the community, not only as football players, but as outstanding individuals who show respect to all of those they come in contact with. We will pride ourselves on providing the children with the very best in the following: League of play, Coaches, Equipment, Fields, Safety, Preparation, and Training. We will strive to provide the opportunity to play football to all interested children regardless of their financial situation. Trust the process and no child left behind is our motto.

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